Summer: not so friendly for me

I have been rather consistent throughout the years on stating my dislike of the summer months. This is to satisfy those who find others complaining about the heat irritating, as people moan about the cold in winter. At no point have I claimed otherwise.

Summer, for me, is the season of flying sky needles of pain (more commonly known as ‘wasps’). I have a phobia of wasps, and their presence in the summer months markedly reduces my quality of life as I can’t go outside without being terrified, and I always have this worry they will get inside too.

To top off that, there is the heat, which has been worse this year than previous ones. I don’t necessarily mind the heat when I have nothing to do, but it impairs my focus and makes it hard for me to perform some tasks such as studying or making sense when I speak aloud in my first language.

I can go on holiday to hot places because I don’t have to do anything much when I’m on holiday, but I’d still prefer to be somewhere colder. Another side effect of heat is sweat, which can be itchy and very uncomfortable sensory-wise.

Don’t be one of those people who say things like ‘you don’t have the right to complain about the heat because this is good weather and so shut up’. Different people like different things, and different countries have different climates, meaning that what is tolerable for one person can be like the fires of hell to another.

This blog post is short because of why I’m writing it: I’m too hot to focus on stuff. Summer can be fun, but for me it can get a bit too much. For those of you who enjoy this weather, have a good time while it lasts! For the others, I hope the heat breaks soon!